System and Data Audits

Replacement of Wholesale Billing System: (2008-2009)

  • Perform data audit (using SAS) between existing production billing system and new system for parallel operational period across pre-mediation, charging, billing, reporting, data migration and reference data
  • Provide sign-off in for new billing system (System billed in excess of R1billion per month)


Migrate from SASN to CCN platform for purposes of GPRS charging: (2011)

  • Compare (using SAS) all GPRS EDRs between SASN node and CCN node during parallel charging to confirm accurate charging (5million EDRs per day for a period of 3 months)
  • Sign-off platform migration


Converged Billing System Hardware Migration: (2010)

  • Compare (using SAS) wholesale billing system records before and after hardware migration
  • Sign-off hardware migration


SDP Hardware Swap Out: (2011)

  • Confirm (using SAS) that real-time network charging node subscriber balances were migrated accurately to database on new hardware (26 million subscribers)
  • Sign-off Hardware Swap Out


Billing vs AR vs Collection: (2011)

  • Reconcile (using SAS) Billing, Accounts Receivable and Collection transactions for a period of 6 months
  • 25-30 million transactions per month
  • Provide an audit report showing complete reconciliation to Finance


BTS audit: (2013)

  • Reconcile (using SAS) installed base stations by comparing ERP Property Management, actual MSC traffic, Network Management System (NMS) data


Overstated charging on CDR level for GPRS traffic: (2012)

  • Audit (using SAS) overstatement per CDR for period of 6 months (5 million CDRs per day)
  • Determine adjustments to Income Statement revenue
  • Determine adjustments to Income Statement cost of sale
Duplicate customer billing: (2009)

  • Identify (using SAS) all CDRs to find duplicate billed events over period of 4 months (20 millions records per day)
  • Sign-off credit adjustments to the value of R40 million
CDRs not sent to downstream customers: (2009)

  • Identify (using SAS) non-sent CDRs over a period of 4 months (20 million CDRs per day)
  • Sign-off credit adjustments to the value of R151 million
Incorrect customer billing: (2012)

  • Data controls (using SAS) uncovered fraud issue over period of 3 months
  • Lost revenue quantified at R52 million
Design, build and run (using SAS) data controls across the following revenue and COS drivers: (2009 – 2013)

  • Prepaid Revenue (4 billion data records per month)
  • Contract Revenue (600 million data records per month)
  • Roaming Revenue (60 million data records per month)
  • Interconnect Revenue (2 billion records per month)
  • ISP Revenue
  • Reference Data, Handset Insurance, Dealer Commissions, POS)
E2E dashboards: (2009 – 2013)

  • Provide insight dashboards (using SAS) and trends based on the output from data controls
Promo Customer Behavior: (2013)

  • Analyse CDRs (using SAS) over period of 6 months to provide insight towards customer behavior as a result of recharge promotions (7 million CDRs per month)
Interconnect CDR Analaysis: (2013)

  • Analyse (using SAS) customer offnet vs onnet behaviour over a period of 12 months (2 billion CDRs per month)
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