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You invested millions (if not billions) into your Business Support Stack (BSS), yet there are always gaps in the commercial off the shelf offering since every operating model have unique demands. As a guiding principle customers avoid costly customizations to their BSS. More often than not, these gaps are filled by the proxy go-to solution of spreadsheets in order to augment BSS, OSS and Reporting solutions.


No Xcel is a bespoke offering developed by Oratel (Pty) Ltd using Oracle APEX technology which will enable you to structure your (unstructured) spreadsheets into a front-end that looks and feel like any traditional spreadsheet, with the added power and control of an Oracle database. The solution enables a spreadsheet look and feel with the ability to manage data across your entire organization vs locking of spreadsheets by a single user. You can still utilize spreadsheet functions like Autofill, Formulas, V and HLookup, conditional formatting and even Pivot of data.

Salient Features

  • Use our API to import your existing spreadsheets to enable a rapid transition
  • Single Sign On (SSO) capability
  • Master Data (MDM) integration capability
  • Flexible Role Based security on a Sheet/Row/Column/Cell level
  • Full audit trail with capability of a temporal data view
  • Workflow engine that enforce a defined delegation of authority
  • Versioning of your spreadsheets (Sheet/Row/Columns)
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