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iSpendOratel (Pty) Ltd, a division of the Orcom Group is dedicated to providing turnkey Oracle based solutions, across your enterprise. Our unique ‘hands-on’ approach, coupled with in-depth business knowledge enables us to craft high quality solutions that are particularly relevant to CAPEX intensive operating models as experienced in the mining and telecommunication vertical markets.


Watch a Video explaining the iSpend Expenditure Assurance Solution
iSpend is a preconfigured module developed by Oratel (Pty) Ltd which augments Oracle’s eBusiness Suite functionality to govern CAPEX and OPEX through a project-centric taxonomy that is aligned with client methodologies.
iSpend enables our clients to prevent over-budget expenditure and manage the entire budgeting and disbursement process over a portfolio of projects, proactively.
A key solution characteristic is the enablement of pre-determined ‘role-based’ access that empowers budget owners to allow requesters access to and management of funds, selectively.
Budget owners are further enabled through transparent self-service functionality with a single source, 360 degree, real-time view of budget performance.
iSpend creates a detailed audit trail when transferring funds between projects as well as between budget owners thereby ensuring full audit capability of all transactions managed by the solution.
iSpend provides an orchestration layer which, while leveraging the inherent ‘best of breed’ Oracle eBusiness Suite capabilities, provides a seamless, process driven solution to the user.
The solution caters for early release, bulk purchasing, long lead items and funds rollover.  iSpend offers the option of capitalizing labor, as governed by IFRS. This enhances your asset utilization and provides ultimate flexibility in expenditure management.


iSpend is an integrated end-to-end solution, encompassing the entire asset cycle of your enterprise, from plan to capitalization.
The solution offers a user-driven, automated upload interface that can be aligned with a client’s existing methodology that is data source independent.  The transition from your as is process is thus greatly accelerated.
Real-time funds checking allows clients to ensure data quality from inception and that there is never any leakage of funds between the board pack and actual operational spend. Thus your methodology, be it a business plan, investment plan or feasibility study, will be operationally executed and managed by iSpend.
iSpend gives you process control from  requisition transition to purchase order to invoice, by utilizing 3-way matching, verifying all transactions and completing the process with capitalization into your corporate book.
No business system would be complete without effective reporting capabilities.  iSpend has the benefit of flexible horizontal and vertical cube reporting from a single source of truth.  This preconfigured feature  allows a Macro overview across multiple projects, with the ability to drill down, accessing the finest detail, ensuring that users have admission to the delegated degree of information.


  • As iSpend is language independent it will be your vehicle to enforce a single unified CAPEX standard across various global operating companies, rapidly.
  • iSpend is available as a stand-alone or an integrated footprint for existing EBS customers. Our accelerated implementation methodology will enable you can “go live” within a mere 16 weeks.
  • iSpend has been proven in complex capital-intensive environments controlling more than 850 projects with at least 30 requesters operating concurrently.
  • iSpend employs best-practice development principles, reducing your total cost of ownership and maintenance, while providing sustainability of the iSpend Solution.

For the most flexible, comprehensive, integrated CAPEX and OPEX Expenditure Assurance Solution that enables your enterprise to enhance your asset utilization with fluency never experienced before, you need look no further than iSpend.

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